We treasure and are greatly honored and privileged with our membership

New Zealand Power

Aims & Objectives of the Association

- To preserve the essence of the traditional Chinese Martial Arts Culture.
- To research and advance the Wu Tang form of Tai Ji Gong, for the purpose of self-defense, protecting one's body, enhancing one's health through the hitherto well-guarded techniques.
- To further the theory and practical of the art through a system of scientific inquisitive methods.
- To enable students and members to cultivate a healthy body through the practice of Tai Ji, so that they could in turn defend their country. This is to form a strong base of martial arts culture in the Formosa, so that the art could be advanced into other parts of the world from there.

Duties of the Association

- To advance the scientific form of Tai Ji Gong.
- To advance the traditional culture of Chinese Martial arts.
- To continually research and practice the art of Tai Ji Gong, so that members / students could acquire knowledge and art of self defense.
- To regularly organize Tai Ji Gong demonstration, with the aim of demonstrating the skills and standards of the members / students.
- To regularly promote the art of Tai Ji Gong, with the aim of benefiting all members of society.

Requirements for Membership

1. For individual Members
- Those who agree to the association's aims and objectives
- Have an interest in learning Tai Ji Gong
- With good conduct and behavior
- Possess good Ethics befitting the traditional Martial Artist.

2. For members who are organizations
- Those who agree to the association's aims and objectives
- Must be properly registered organization (either public or private organization) approved by the government

3. Sponsoring Members
- Those individuals or organizations who sponsor the association's work

Entrance Fee: Check with the association
Annual Fee: Check with the association