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The Asia Model Festival Awards, Organized by Korean Model Association is Sponsored by Ministry of Culture & Tourism, Korean Foundation Cultural Center, KOFFICE

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The value that can be derived from our sponsorship program is that we build communities, both online and offline, who will give our sponsors continuous exposure long after the event is over, even though our activities actually comprise a series of interesting and cool events. You can be sure that our eye candies will be getting the eye balls all the time. Together with our affiliated entertainment companies in Singapore, China and Korea, we will be able to give you the maximum benefits over an extended period of time. We give from the heart and our events also include fund raising for charitable organizations.

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"KPop Stars Galore"


So Many KPop Stars, Celebrities and Famous VIPs from All Over Asia

"Great Value Entertainment"


Glitz, Glamor, Excitment! Beauty Shows, KPop Performances, Fashion Shows

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Great exposure, not only in Singapore and Korea but all over Asia and the World

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Event Title: Face of Singapore
2017 Asia Model Festival
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Date: February 2017
Office: 112 Middle Road, #07-01 Midland House,
Singapore 188970, Singapore

Phone: +65 6338 1488 Mobile: +65 9654 3188

Event Title: Asia Model Festival 2017
Date*: April or May 2017

Venue*: Olympic Hall, Seoul Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea

* Venue subject to final confirmation.


There are tremendous benefits all round for our participants, our supporters and most importantly,
our valued corporate sponsors in this prestigious Face of Singapore, 2017 Asia Model Festival Awards.


Asia Model Festival is the largest model festival in Asia

Asia Model Festival, held in Seoul, South Korea annually is into its 12th year in 2017. Over 25 Asian countries will be participating in the grand and prestigious event. All the major media organizations from Korea, Singapore and the world will be there.


It is an exciting celebration filled with style, glitz and glamour

The red carpet will be rolled out both in Singapore and Seoul for models, KPop celebrities and VIPs from Singapore and all over Asia. There will be beauty shows, fashion shows and entertainment performances by famous KPop artistes and avant garde beauties.


Face of Singapore, Asia Model Festival is a great platform for the model and entertainment industry

Our winners will be able to further enhance their career. The right candidates will also be offered acting contracts with prestigious film companies in Beijing, China as well as get a chance to join a KPop group. As such, we are able to give our sponsors great value for money as they will get continuous exposure from their sponsorship. Be generous as our events also include fund raising for charity. We give from our hearts and we are passionate about everything that we do. We would also like to thank you in advance and also for your continued support.

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